Knox: 7 Month Update

Knox at 6 months

Knox at 6 months

Wow! It has been a while since I have written…over 4 months! This may be because of how busy my little guy keeps me now. He takes shorter naps and is very efficient at eating (the two times I would blog ha-ha). I’m sure this will take me a couple days to complete with the Knox breaks. I wanted to take some time to record all of the changes I have seen in our boy. He is blossoming into his own personality, and it is a blast to observe. During my last post, he was 11 weeks old and we had just decided that I wouldn’t go back to work as a full-time physical therapist. We have not regretted this decision one bit. If anything, I am more certain now than before that being with Knox every day is where God wants me to be. He changes so quickly!

However…I would like to take time now to admit that being a stay-at-home-mom is not all kisses, giggles, and butt squeezes. It’s a lot of those things, but it is much more. When I was in college, grad school, and working full time, I perceived SAHMs as having the BEST and most relaxed jobs ever. I longed to be in their shoes and couldn’t think of one thing they could possibly complain about. What could be better than spending every waking moment with your baby boo?? I now know that being at home every day is not easy. You put much higher expectations on yourself because you ARE at home and have the ability to improve, update, organize, cook, clean, save money, create and blog 😉 all the while taking care of an infant who needs you for his every want and need. I feel that I am MORE busy at home than I was when I was working 8-6 every day. At work there would at least be a lunch hour and patients would cancel giving me time to finish documenting. At home, when there is “down time” aka “nap time” I move as fast as possible to get things done around the house. This has improved recently as Knox is much better at independent play and safely sits up on his own. Until the past couple months, he would need to be carried in the moby wrap in order for me to cook or clean while he was awake. Our little stinker likes his attention…I don’t know who he gets that from?? All that to say, I had a tainted view of SAHMs prior to becoming one. It is not what you would expect, and it is NOT easy. However I do love kissing those fat cheeks, even when he makes faces like this!

the famous "stinker face"

the famous “stinker face”

Being a licensed physical therapist adds some extra “pressure” or expectation. People are always asking, “When will you go back?” My answer: “Probably never!” At least never full-time. I pursued the profession of physical therapy for a few reasons in no particular order:  A. I love anatomy, science & health. B. I wanted to have a “skill” I could use on missions. C. I wanted to have a career where I could contribute to my family working part-time or contract jobs. My previous employer has called me here and there to fill in, which has been great. I love seeing my co-workers, keeping my head in the game, and loving on kids. I also love that I get to decide when and IF I work. Since Knox was not given a bottle consistently, he now refuses it, meaning I can only be away from him for up to 4 hours at a time. It is a rare occasion that I am away from him for that long, which is A-OK with Momma.

our handsome fella

our handsome fella

Which brings me to a new adventure which we will soon embark upon: SOLIDS! Yes, Knox is 7 months old and has only ingested breast milk. I promise I’m not starving him. He’s over 20 lbs and barely fits in a few of his 12 month pajamas because of his voluptuous rolls. HECK…this guy no longer fits in ANY of his jeans. He has to wear pants with an elastic waist. We have been forced into adapting his wardrobe for stretchy pants. This is no easy feat when he has a plethora of button up, plaid shirts like Daddy. The cloth diaper doesn’t help matters…but we are making do. Aside from the fact that he’s a total chubster and is getting enough nutrients from breast milk, we have been waiting for him to decide when to begin solids. We are doing “baby-led weaning” which could also be called “baby-led solids”. In a nutshell, this means just waiting for your baby’s cues to begin solids, then letting him feed himself foods that your whole family eats. So, we have been waiting for Knox to show REAL interest in food (as in grabbing for it more than he grabs for everything else in the world), sit completely independently, use a pincer grip to pick up small things, and cut some teeth. So far he is showing more interest in food, sits up like a big boy, and tries to use a pincer grip to pick up tiny things off the floor and our freckles/moles haha. Although he has been showing signs of teething since 3 months, he has not cut ONE tooth yet! We plan on giving him some slices of organic avocado to play with very soon. Waiting on them to ripen. 🙂

As far as mobility, I am thankful that he pretty much stays where we put him. He will go from sitting to his belly and turn around and around on his belly, but no forward motion. He can roll, but doesn’t use this as a form of transportation. He is able to get up into quadruped and has even rocked a bit, so I fear we will need to be Knox-proofing our house SOON!!

Checking out his Christmas tree!

Freely checking out his Christmas tree!

Knox’s first Christmas was a whirlwind. I can say we got to spend some quality time with our immediate and some extended family. It always feels rushed since we have 6 places to be in a matter of a couple days, but it’s hard to do it any other way with so many families to see. Billy & I decided not to buy one another gifts since we usually just go get the things we want/need throughout the year and have so many family members to buy for…14 people just in our immediate families. We also didn’t buy anything for Knox. The way we see it is he would be getting so much from his grandparents that we’d be set until his birthday in May! Also…he wouldn’t remember it anyway. He loved the wrapping paper and curly ribbons the most. One hard issue during the holidays was trying to avoid sickness for Knox. This is not an exaggeration…there were more than 3 sick people present at each of the houses we visited. I don’t think I have ever heard of so much sickness at one time. Having a young baby makes you constantly on guard about these things. It is so hard to trust that God will protect him amidst so much sickness…but He really did. Knox was pretty snotty/congested for most of the time we were out of town, but it could have been much worse. We were around flu, strep throat, etc…so I’d say we made out pretty well. I know I’m not alone in saying avoiding sickness for my baby is a very high priority. You never know how they will respond to infection with their young immune systems. Other than taking him to see his pediatrician for a possible staph infection this next week, Knox made it through these holidays pretty well.

Knox meeting the real Santa!

Knox meeting the real Santa!

Read below for some specific changes and milestones of our sweet boy.

4 months: Started grabbing toys with 2 hands, grabbing my face while nursing, prop sitting, kicking his legs a lot, turning when you said his name, liked yo gabba gabba videos in the car.

Aladdin, Jasmine, & Abu!

Aladdin, Jasmine, & Abu!

Knox was Abu from Aladdin for his first Halloween!

Knox was Abu from Aladdin for his first Halloween

5 months: Started babbling more like mamama, sat unsupported, reached for toys in sitting, started “whining”, got super ticklish, cried when Marley made noise.

6 months: Started “fake coughing” to get attention, splashed in the tub, tried to copy us, stood with support, started grabbing everything in sight.

Standing in the crib where he does not sleep for his 7 month pictures!

Standing in the crib (where he does not sleep) for his                 7 month pictures!

7 months: Daddy calls him Knox-E boy, my boy, bootie boy, and lovie. Mommy calls him cookie doughboy, googie boy, and booby boy. He is ticklish on his bootie, back and ribs. He wears size 12 months now!! I recently packed up everything up to 6 months. He loves playing with his new toy phone from Nani & Papi and his Sophie Giraffe from Nana.

Hope you enjoyed the novel!!

The Wells

The Wells


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